Payvu – The final piece to a Full-Service Accounting Solution

Payvu – The final piece to a Full-Service Accounting Solution

Automate payments and Grow without increasing overheads

Michelle’s Bookkeeping Services (MBS) is working towards streamlining systems and offering a Full-Service Accounting Solution. Bookkeepers used to manually enter and prepare banking files for invoices and salaries then pass onto their client (the business owner) for approval and payment, constantly going back and forth.

PayVu’s solution enabled Michelle’s Bookkeeping to use PayVu in conjunction with Xero, Quickbooks and Hubdoc as a Bundled Full-Service Accounting Solution. Michelle now doesn’t need to engage in low value customer contact.

Instead, invoices via HubDoc are automatically coded to the right accounts in Xero & Quicksbooks. These are sent via the PayVu app for secure approval without needing access to any bank accounts! Customers approve via the app, automatically paying the invoice and sending remittance. Both bookkeeper and customer are now happy!

The Solution – How PayVu helped create a full-service offering.

Michelle’s Bookkeeping Services made the decision to partner with PayVu to improve processes and facilitate scalable growth for her business. Michelle sees PayVu as the final piece in their full-service offering.

PayVu helped to…

1. Create an automated and streamlined single process for all payments: invoices, salaries, BAS, super and BPay.

2. Manage bulk payments.

3. Streamline payment processes.

4. Recommend payments to the business owner who authorises or rejects via the mobile app. Payment rejections don’t void the entire batch meaning no need for time-consuming rework.

5. Remove the need to export and expose ABA/Banking files outside of accounting systems like Xero & QuickBooks.

6. Work in conjunction with MBS current systems:

  • Hubdoc – Digitise invoice transfer into Xero.
  • Xero & QuickBooks– Accounting software.
  • PayVu – Complete solution to securely authorise and pay invoices, Super, Salaries, wages, PAYG, taxes and BPay.

The Results

Michelle’s Bookkeeping Services entrusted PayVu’s software to create streamlined systems and processes to promote efficiency and growth for the business.

Michelle’s team has always focused on customer service, but that meant a lot of double handling and often rework. They wanted to transform the payment process securely and save time.

The PayVu Solution…

  • Added the final necessary piece to create an automated and streamlined single process for all payments.
  • Significantly reduced handling time.
  • Increased revenue. Michelle can provide a scalable accounts payable solution to more customers; and take on more customers.
  • Reduced double handling and removed rework.
  • Reduced risk by not knowing credentials or accessing customer bank accounts any longer.
  • Customer satisfaction improved as processing payments just got easier!

There’s more to come in 2020 with more features on the way to help Michelle and the team provide more output, for no additional input.

  • Streamlined payments process
  • Free your team of mundane admin
  • Separation of duties
  • No sharing of banking credentials
  • Same day super payments
  • Payments authorised on the go

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